Communal News and FGG Low Cost Marketplace is Committed to You, Our Valued Audience.

Communal News & FGG Low Cost Marketplace translates and publishes in every major language allowing you to Save and Make more Money!

We are working to provide either free or very low-cost global platforms with no restrictions to language or country, allowing even the poorest global readers to have unfettered open access to news, information and services– all while leading and teaching a path to global sustainable living.

We have built internet-direct news and professional services to help you, our readers, gain faster and more unfiltered third party direct global services– with the goal of helping you to become intellectually enriched and hopefully more directly involved.

We designed our services to allow common everyday people, in every country throughout the entire globe, first to simply become empowered by reading the news– allowing you to get a deeper understanding from many points of views such as regions, countries, religions and politics. We even allow you to write your own articles and/or provide your own comments.

We can only hope and dream that with our truly global platforms, you take it to the next level and start shopping, or better yet developing your own global business service.  We hope to give everyone in our world the ability to lift up and empower their daily experiences to such an increased level that anyone from around the world can launch and run a thriving global gig business.

Our top supported countries outside of the United States in order are:

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Morocco, Indonesia, South Africa, Kenya and Ukraine.

We understand the success of Communal News and FGG Low Cost Marketplace is not from us being better internet coders. Don’t get us wrong we have great coders. But our success comes from you, our readers, our contributors, the gig providers and purchasers.  Those who read or make comments or post gigs.

We have been working hard to empower our platforms so the average person can provide news, make more money or learn more– all at zero or very low cost (with no restrictions!) allowing you to continuously read articles or gigs without the interruption of pop-up ads asking you to make monthly payments even before you can read the first paragraph.

We have selected a bolder path to share openly and globally news and services in a way that’s focused on making our entire world a better place. Our duty is not only to service you but to trust you. Our platforms have proven that you can provide quality news and gig services enabling us to grow at a very robust rate. In only a couple of years we (together with you) built a vibrant and robust network around the globe and for that we say thank you.

CN Goals:    

  1. Not limit the news or accept the status quo from the same old outlets.
  2. Expand our reader’s information and knowledge.
  3. Our writers, reporters and thinkers will contribute directly into a collaborative network that provides an unfiltered conduit directly to the public.
  4. That our online community is open to global writers, especially if they are explaining to us the conditions where they live.
  5. Contributors need to keep opinions out when reporting the news.
  6. However, submitting a non-conforming, well-sourced, and documented argument is not only accepted, we will highlight it!

FGG Low Cost Marketplace Goals:

  1. To challenged the status quo and allow for open low-cost global pricing.
  2. Have the most open platform by languages and countries that we can legally service.
  3. Invite our gig providers to contribute directly to our collaborative network that provides an unfiltered conduit directly to the global public.
  4. Maintain an online gig community that is open to all, especially if they are providing strong services and values.
  5. However, submitting a non-conforming, service with a strong benefit will not only be accepted, we will reward it!

A Open and Distributive (Better) Global Community-based News Service:

Our goal is to utilize the best of internet technology, to radically change how open third party news and services content can be delivered. By eliminating significant infrastructure, their associated high costs and lethargic bureaucracies, we aim to provide the best, often unfiltered non-conforming news and services, giving the power of information to you.

Utilizing a far smaller bureaucracy, we can pass the rewards to you, our millions of readers and users, an extremely low-cost structure with financial rewards that allow you to make more money while we expand out free, uninhibited, global news service.

We have lowered the global barriers of access for news contributions and gig service providers, while increasing the financial rewards, viewership and opportunities for those who are proving our fast growing organic content.

For the Environment:

Since we have eliminated significant infrastructure and empowered our readers, our efforts and superior model has allowed us to achieve remarkable gains in our environmental goals.

We have reduced to zero all global absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  CN and FGG Low Cost Marketplace expects to fully reach its goal of ensuring that 100% of its waste is diverted from landfills. We purchase 100% of our power from the #1 US ranked leader in renewable energy (“Oregon continues to be a leader in renewable energy and sustainability“).

At FGG Low Cost Marketplace and CN we are proud to do our duty in providing superior news and services, with honest fact-based information, implementing environmental improvements whenever possible, keeping our prices very low or free, all while helping to improve the world both socially and economically.

We are fighting corruption and greed with honesty, intellect and transparency, providing a more beautiful, healthier world today and for our children tomorrow. We couldn’t do it without your outstanding support.  So with that in mind, thank you for your patronage, and keep up the great work.

And of course, tell your friends so they too can enjoy or even contribute to our robustly growing global services!

FGG Low Cost Marketplace Allows You to Save and Make More Money !