Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace

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We are proud to announce the Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace for professional online services.   Our goal at FGG Low Cost Marketplace is similar with Communal News: to provide a robust meeting place on an open platform of services, for the lowest overall total cost to the online freelance communities.

To better understand Communal News and FGG Low cost Marketplace goals and ethics read About us.

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Communal News is a very rapidly growing USA based service that provides free expanding news and blog readership and the easiest and most robust free publishing. CN growth has been exponential since we first launched.  At CN we not only want to thank you, our readers and writers, we also want to provide you with more and better services– all, of course, on an open platform. That why we launched our Freelance Gig Service.

How Communal Online Professional Market Place Works For Sellers

Step 1

The seller posts their services in a tile and page format, the posting itself is as easy as a post on Craigslist, and we will promote your services on FGG Low Cost Marketplace and on Communal News.  For our first time sellers, here is some idea’s to improve your post,  the new post will be presented on all Communal News pages, so your service should easily exceed 200,000 links.  We will  have over 4 million visitors per years direct to your information along with other sellers from Communal News. We want you, our professional services, to be successful (hopefully from Day 1), and we believe over time with our embedded cross promotion we should be able to bring you more interest/buyers than any other vendor.

Save & Make More Money

Step 2

The day you sign up you will receive your post in every major global language.   You could write up a press releases that will be published Communal News, Google news, Facebook news,  posted on Google and Bing Search and on Social Media websites.   We want to let the world know about your services.

Step 3

You will be updated when you get an order for your services. You don’t have to worry about getting paid and or running down clients. We do that for you.  When your services are completed and the buyer signs off, we will transfer the remittance to you shortly. The Freelance Global Gigs Low Cost Marketplace  we believe is the industry’s lowest total service fee– at only 12%— knowing many of our competitors are charging a high 26% plus fees this could provide you  a considerable savings to be split between the buyer and you.

 When you first start with us, you will have zero upfront costs. When, for example, you charge a client $100 for the professional service you provided, your payment after all costs would be $88.

Save & Make More Money

We hope to grow a robust Marketplace platform between buyers and sellers while providing the most informational and enjoyable meeting place for all parties to transact legal professional freelance services on the internet.  We at Communal have a very aggressive goal–to be the most transparent open and honest service provider, with the lowest overall transaction cost, and over time provide the highest number of viewers reading the news and purchasing professional services.

Communal News plans to extend our 100% free news, blog and easy publishing services to whoever wants to promote their legal services from the FGG Low Cost Marketplace– and you will find that the Freelance Global Gigs Marketplace will have a regular article in the news.

If you want to be one of the first new sellers to open a Marketplace account, we have already had parties come to us looking for selected services. So, we have just opened our waiting list.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace allows you to save and make more money !