Our cost structure is very simple, easy to understand and incredibly low.

  • Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) has a one time charge of 12% of total sales.
    FGG has No Buyer fees
  • FGG has No Service fees.
  • FGG has No Out of Country charges.
  • FGG has No Processing fees.
  • Paypal is our preferred vendor, and we are working on bring a lower additional low cost financial institutions.
  • Papal will convert your work to your preferred currency on your selection.

On one of our surveys of business owners and CEO looking at buying freelance gig services, the two most import questions they focused on were: 1. Can the problem get solved and 2. How much will it cost.  You must know the mangers, in this survey were also the real buyers, reporting back love to claim they are working on “A Global Low Cost Solution. As it seem to always make their bosses very happy.

Our (total  sales) fee is often substantially lower than others, and that is our only fee.  Many freelance gig platform not only charge 20% seller fee but also tack on buyer fees of up to 5% and 2-3% for Service, Country & Finance fees.  That could be as high as 27%-28%, we ask again why be charged 27% when you could pay 12% and save over 120%.   When we completed a Owners / CEO Survey, what is most 2 most important issues for heads of companies in freelance:

1. Completing the job /task effectively.
2. Keeping cost under control.

As a side note: Most CEO supported using a freelance gig platforms enterprise wide for both availability of specified skills and keeping cost under control.  The mangers that actually mange the freelance operation of the firms love to report they used “A Global Low Cost Solution”. 

When you post a new gig on FGG you gain access to our Freelance Global Gigs Low Cost Platform which we believe has the lowest total cost in global transactions, with no hidden charges  allowing you to increase the  financial gains from your toil, allowing for higher earnings and more profits. We don’t stop their we ask the Gig sellers to also reduce their costs 20%.  Providing a truly low cost advance . 

We at FGG want to reward you for your sweat equity and hard work, by  providing you with the potential of undoubtedly higher monetary rewards along with increased levels of global respect, as you should ask yourself – why should we be charged 27% when FGG is only 12%, and if the seller also charges 20% less, then with the combined massive cost saving the buyers should be over joyed.

Join our FGG team by posting on our Freelance Global Gigs platform. It is free, simple. easy and very fast !

FGG provides more and cost less !