FGG news is published on Communal News, Google News and Facebook News and we hope to have additional news platforms announcements latter this year.   With FGG being a start up, you will find Freelance Global Gigs has magnified it’s presents on the internet in several ways, which has already provided very significant increases in traffic growth,  we estimate our systems achieve about 10x more traffic than most freelance platforms that simply providing only proportional organic growth,  which includes most freelance platforms.  We are the the only freelance gig platform that has unlimited access to global news, and possibly even more important, we’re able to leverage this distinctive advantage in all of our 100 global langues. Helping to open new and growing markets that other platforms have not been adequately able to support.

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According to Communal News Senior Editor Matt Wingard:

“CN is proving world wide news, service, marketing and support, all in a manor to accelerate FGG future growth.”

Our Freelance Global Gigs translates and publishes in over 100 languages covering over 97% of the world’s communications, offering a truly worldwide open gig platform!

Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) is often in the the news.  First we are owned by Communal News (CN) a very fast growing Global News, Market Research and Blog service.  Communal News has been completely integrated it’s FGG services, this deep integration has created many thousand related news articles, all with links to new FGG posts.

CN publishes it’s News, Market Research and Blog in the same 100 languages as FGG, which greatly magnifies the search ranking for all FGG gig posts and website article in each and every language. When you actually review your own personal work after being published,  reading and seeing your services presented in so many global languages,  gig entrepreneurs say “it gives you a incredibly strong feelings of joy and self-esteem.

When you post a new gig on FGG you gain access to our Freelance Global Gigs Low Cost Platform which we believe has the lowest total cost in global transactions, with no hidden charges (where the buyer and seller combine often save over 120%) allowing you to increase the  financial gains from your toil, allowing for higher earnings and more profits.  We at FGG want to reward you for your sweat equity and hard work, by  providing you with a undoubtedly higher monetary rewards along with increased levels of global respect, as you should ask yourself – why should we be charged 27% when FGG is only 12% ?

When you realized your personal gigs are posted in over 100 languages for free,  it gives your the deep down the incredibly strong feelings of agape.

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