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Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) provides a very Low Cost Marketplace (often less than 1/2 the cost of others marketplaces) has asks it’s sellers to also reduce their fees prior to posting their services by 20%.  FGG Low Cost Marketplace is listed in all major languages,  we have been integrated into Communal, Google & Facebook News which  have provide for massive traffic growth.  Our Total Low Cost Marketplace combined with our global news and worldwide language provides buyers with a superior overall value, so together with your support, we can build a better more open global online community. Allowing FGG Low Cost Marketplace to help you to same more money!

You account account also gives you free access to Communal news as a subscriber where you can follow and comment on well over 1,000 contributors that publish on a very fast growing open community of News, Market Research and General Information Website.  This online community has attained well over 4 million visitors per year in a very short time.

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