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Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) provides a very Low Cost Marketplace that is listed in all major global languages, we are integrated into Communal, Google & Facebook news, which has provided for massive traffic growth.   With the large platforms savings we are able to provide to the sellers, (often less than 1/2 the cost of others marketplaces) we ask them to help pass forward to consumers some of the savings that is provided by FGG Low Cost Marketplace.  We are asking the sellers prior to posting, if possible, to reduce their fees by 20% or adding additional an additional service to the post.  By providing global news, being posted in most worldwide language, with our total low cost solutions, together with sellers support, we can build a better more open global online community allowing you to make more money!

You account account also gives you free access to Communal News as a Contributor and get published on a very fast-growing news, market research and blog website.   This online community has attained well over 5 million visitors per year in a very short time.

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