42% of people aged 18-29 have no retirement savings, along with 26% of Americans in the 30-44 age bracket. Among those closer to retirement, 17% of people aged 45 to 59 report a complete lack of retirement savings and that figure is 13% for those aged 60+.

Not everybody can afford a financial advisor from Wall Street and a lot of people struggle with debt and don’t have a savings. Well we want to help you with that.

We always put you first and will only work with you on plan designs that are suitable for your needs.

In this 1 hour consultation we will:

  • Discuss your financial goals
  • Go over your life insurance needs
  • Look at budget friendly alternatives to the stock market
  • Discuss a plan for disability or long-term care costs
  • Complete an artificial intelligence financial needs analysis

We are dedicated to providing high quality life insurance and no-market risk retirement planning with a focus on financial literacy and long term care planning.

We specialize in:

* Annuities
* 401K Rollovers
* Thrift Savings Plan Annuities
* Life Insurance Planning
* No-Market Risk Retirement Planning

Our safe money strategies will help preserve your principle, provide you competitive growth and enable you to leave a legacy.

Life and Health Disclosure Statement

Service Fees and Reimbursements

Our agency may provide certain services that you request or that are necessary to place or maintain your insurance. Sections 550.001, 4005.003 and 4005.004 of the Texas Insurance Code authorize us to charge a fee for services if we obtain your written consent prior to providing the service or incurring the expense. The fee may be charged in addition to any commission we may receive from the insurance company providing the insurance coverage. In some cases where we charge a fee and also receive compensation from an insurer or other third party, we are required to disclose this fact to you and provide a description of the method and factors used to compute the compensation. The purpose of this Disclosure Statement is to comply with these requirements and agree with you that if we perform any of the following services on your behalf, you agree to pay the amount indicated as compensation for the services provided or expenses incurred.

We disclose to you that our agency or an affiliate of our agency receives compensation from an insurer or other third party. The compensation we receive includes the following:

Commission computed as a percentage of the premium you pay for the insurance.