Coated materials are coated or treated with numerous merchandise like lacquer, varnishes, rubber, and thermoplastic coatings. they’re factory-made from the pile and sleek cloth. They notice applications across the transportation, protecting articles of clothing, roofing, furniture, and seating industries.

The global coated cloth market is calculable to account for US$ 20854.6 Mn in terms of import and 5804 metric weight unit Tons in terms of volume by the tip of 2019 and expected to grow at CAGR of three.80% throughout the forecast amount (2020-2027).

Market Drivers

The growing demand for coated materials from the automotive trade is anticipated to foster the market growth of coated materials. The automotive trade is one of the most important end-user of the coated cloth. The rising production of light-weight traveler vehicles as well as the increasing investment within the automotive sector by the govt is additionally expected to enhance the market growth of the coated cloth. Thus, growth within the automotive trade is anticipated to accelerate the market growth of the coated cloth.


Polymer coated cloth is gaining immense demand because of its high flame and water resistance property. Moreover, they’re comparatively cheaper as compared to different product sorts. they’re wide used across protecting {clothing|article of article of clothing|vesture|wear|covering|consumer goods} and technical clothing. this is often additionally attributed to the increase within the numerous producing industries. Thus, the growing demand for polymer-coated cloth is anticipated to propel the market growth of the coated cloth.

Asia Pacific region dominated the world coated cloth market in 2019, accounting for 35 .1% share in terms of import, followed by North America and Western Europe, severally


Market Restraints


The unsteady value of raw materials utilized in the production of coated cloth is projected to hinder the market growth of the coated cloth. aldehyde and aldehyde are the 2 most ordinarily used material within the production of coated cloth.

Low adoption of powder coating across the North America region because of extreme climatic conditions is anticipated to limit the market growth of the coated cloth. this is often chiefly within the U.S. that poignant the demand for powder coating, thereby negatively impacting the market growth of coated cloth.

Market Opportunities


The transportation sector is AN rising trade for coated cloth and this is often expected to supply potential market opportunities within the close to future. The growing demand for coated cloth from rail and roadways transportation is anticipated to foster market growth over the forecast amount. Moreover, increasing the use of conveyor belts and PTFE tapes from a coated cloth is additionally expected to propel the market growth over the predictable timeframe.


Growth within the industry is driving demand for protecting and technical cloth. this is often expected to supply Brobdingnagian market opportunities within the market. Increasing the construction of the residential building is supplying the demand for articles of furniture. The coated cloth is additionally utilized in the production of the unit article of furniture. of these factors are projected to accelerate market growth over the forecast amount.

Market Trends/Key Takeaways


Rising adoption of cloth-backed wall covering may be a growing trend within the market. this is often attributed to the ever-changing modus vivendi of the patron and increasing income of the patron that is encouraging customers to pay on home ornament merchandise. this is often largely gaining demand from the urban housing sector. therefore growth within the urban population is augmenting the market growth of {the cloth|the material} backed wall covering thence growing demand for coated fabric.

Growing safety issues across numerous producing industries as well as the increasing strict government rules that mandate provision of safety to employees is making strong demand for coated cloth. The high economic process at the side of the magnified investment across numerous industries like military, aerospace, etc. is additionally anticipated to propel the market growth of the coated cloth.

Global Coated materials Market – Impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

Coronavirus is anticipated to possess a big impact on the textile sector because of the pandemic state of affairs the world sales of the textile merchandise have return right down to a grinding halt. because of the imprisonment, all forms of textile-related factories are closed. additionally, COVID-19 has additionally caused a profound impact on the world automotive trade that caused a decline within the production of cars and different vehicles. The same factors can hamper the demand for the coated cloth market throughout the forecast amount.

Competitive Section:

Company Names

  1. Geo Specialty Chemicals, Inc.
  2. Perstorp Specialty Chemicals AB
  3. Henan Tianfu Chemical Co. Ltd.
  4. Jiangxi Nancheng Hongdu Chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd.
  5. Shenzhen Vtolo Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Few Recent Developments

In Sep 2019, cycle per second Performance Materials proclaimed that it’s non-inheritable GEO Specialty Chemicals. GEO may be a various provider of specialty chemicals and materials to the coatings, adhesives, medical, water treatment, and construction markets