The global medical holography market is anticipated to rise at a staggering 34% CAGR throughout the assessment period from 2020 to 2026, with steadily widening scope of application in the field of healthcare. The coronavirus pandemic is expected to generate lucrative growth opportunities as medical holography systems are gaining use in remote training for medical students in Europe and North America during nationwide lockdowns. Also, medical holography devices are also finding roles in 3D imaging of pathogens including the coronavirus, which can help in vaccine and treatment research.

“In addition to a growing number of clinical applications including radiological and surgical procedures, dentistry, orthopedics, and cardiac studies, the integration of new technologies such as, miniaturized LEDs and pico-projectors are expected to provide impetus to the market through superior imaging in the near future,” says the report authors.

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Medical Holography Market- Key Takeaways

  • Medical education applications will witness a surge in the medical holography market, owing to higher efficacy as training tools in comparison to traditional alternatives.
  • Pharma research laboratories and CROs are the primary end users of medical holography, driven by demand for dynamic live cell imaging and phase contrast imaging requirements.
  • North America remains a leading user of medical holography, aided by the growing burden of chronic disease on the regional healthcare system, and demand for faster diagnostic tech.

Medical Holography Market- Driving Factors

  • Higher investments into modernized infrastructure in surgical rooms will promote the adoption of medical holography.
  • Biomedical research on minute microbial and anatomical structures will support market growth.

Medical Holography Market- Major Restraints

  • Limited investments in the healthcare sectors of developing countries hinders adoption of medical holography.
  • Shortage of medical professionals with expertise in handling medical holography devices hurts market prospects.

COVID-19 Impact on Medical Holography Market

The lockdown restrictions imposed by governments during the coronavirus pandemic have generated favorable growth opportunities for players in the medical holography market. As remote training for medical professionals becomes the norm, medical holography is playing a larger role in academic education applications. Further, researchers working on the covid-19 virus are benefiting from advanced capabilities of modern medical holography systems to image nano-scale microbes such as the coronavirus strain, which will prove profitable for the market.

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Competitive Landscape

Holoxica Ltd., RealView Imaging Ltd., Koninklijke Philips N.V., EchoPixel Inc., zSpace Inc., Integraf LLC, Nanolive SA, HoloTech Switzerland AG, Lyncee Tec SA, and EON Reality Inc. are some of the leading medical holography manufacturers in the global market.

Players in the medical holography market are largely invested in product development with the integration of new technologies and software for bolstering functionality of their offerings.

For example, RealView Imaging Ltd. has unveiled Holoscope-I camera, capable of real-time 3D holographic interaction and visualization in medical intervention processes. Holoxica Ltd. has collaborated with Access Center for Photonics Innovations Solutions and Technology Support for the development of holography video technology for medical imaging manipulation. Further, EchoPixel Inc. has revealed a medical holography intraoperative software for interactive 3-D anatomical imaging services for heart procedures.

About the Report

This study offers readers a comprehensive market forecast of the medical holography market. Global, regional and country-level analysis of the top industry trends impacting the medical holography market is covered in this study. The report offers insights on the medical holography market on the basis of product (holographic display, holography microscope, holography prints, and holography software), application (medical imaging, medical education, and biomedical research), and end user (academic centers, pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies, and hospitals), across five regions (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and MEA).

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