I will create your own cryptocurrency. I will make ERC20 tokens for you on the Ethereum Blockchain. The choice is yours Some of the most popular ERC20 include Ether(ETH), VeChain(VEN), Binance Coin(BNB), Polymath(POLY). All of these projects are worth millions, if not billions of dollars.

You can use your token to raise money for your project, crowdfunding, or for running apps. 

After creating your ERC20 token, I will transfer all the tokens to your wallet or create a new wallet for you. In the end, You’ll be able to see your token on EtherScan.

Things I need you to tell me:

  • Choose the Name (Be creative. Choose whatever you like. For instance, “Beard coin”, or “Alex Token” or anything.)

  • Choose the Symbol (It is usually an abbreviation of your coin name.)

  • Choose the total supply of your tokens. (How many of your tokens do you want to exist?)

That’s it, you will then able to find your Token on EtherScan. Hopefully, you’ll be able to raise a ton of money via your tokens and/or find a good use case for your token.