Hi I’m Rhonda I’m a writer and I’ll edit your news for a price. Hi I’m Rhonda Let me edit your portfolio or biographies. I currently write for vocal media and I build websites on wix. My writing started at The Art Institute Of Philadelphia. My concentration was digital media and film. I started writing movie manuscripts in my junior year there. I found that I loved writing and editing. But, I didn’t have it as a major. So I’d write short stories and essays for grades and then for fun on the weekends. Let me take your biography under my scrutiny. Let me punctuate, and write your short stories in the right format. Allow me to give your letters a once over. I’m not an editor. If you’d like great looking stories but someone who enjoys writing to put their finesse and style into your work I’m your girl.The minimum cost is 125.00 for 12 paragraphs. I’d look it over then give you an estimate. Sometimes depending on the work it could be more or less. If you’d like to have it done online my information is on the website and please contact me if you’re interested in changing the way your stories are coming out.