Fiduciary Review Services – 4 Hour Consult – Flat Fee of $199

In this 4 Hour Consultation & Review, we:

  • Provide in depth analysis searching for compliance issues.
  • Designed for company wide Fiduciary reviews of existing 401k’s.
  • Review for conflicts of interest.
  • Benchmark your existing fee to industry standards to determine if you are overpaying.
  • Review existing investment structure and benchmark to industry standards & peers.
  • Review overall financial wellness and best practices.
  • Provide a zero obligation consultation service with complete confidentiality.
  • Provide professional suggestions aimed at improving any of the areas above, with a focus on eliminating. compliance issues under regulatory requirements.

Reviews are completed by a Registered Investment Advisor with over 40 years of professional investment experience, and a long and successful history of providing only the highest level of fiduciary service to clients.