The best way to market your business online is with a Press Release. A PR or article can be extremely effective when optimized correctly for news wires, readers and search engines.

Everyone is publishing their story these days so it is increasingly difficult for your press release to stand out in the crowd. One figure that we’ve seen estimates that more than 2,000 press releases are distributed each day across the main online wire services like PRWeb. You will just get lost there.

Our team knows how to optimize your press release so that it quickly gets noticed and gets your website the most value for search engine exposure and branding.

We work with that receives 1.5 annual visits, publishes on Google News, and is growing 10% per month. Your story will be seen; it will be read; and it will result in increased traffic to your site.

Online press releases have the following advantages over print:

  • Can be distributed much quicker
  • Can provide SEO value to other websites
  • Can be easier to find, read and pass on to others (more viral)
  • More cost effective
  • Larger reach through online syndication

You will receive thousands of views for a press release that cost you $59 to have written, published on Google News, and distributed through CN social media channels. You won’t find a better deal on the internet anywhere!