Don’t Let Your Press Release Get Buried – The Press Releases We Publish on Google News and GET SEEN!

Unlike our competitors, we have access to a news website that receives nearly one million visitors per year. Our published market reports, news articles, blog posts and press releases get pick up by Google News. Your press release will be seen by thousands of real people!

We will craft a news release that will be approved by you, prior to it’s release. One you give your consent will publish on Google News, Social Media and of course Communal News.

Most press release distribution websites can’t limit the number of copies of a new release that get posted. The multiple newsfeed-based services are often  penalized by Google due to excessive copies and get very low rankings if they do get picked up.  We work with assured high placement in Google News.

When you use multiple news feed services, the press release is the first copy. If (at best) three news agencies pick it up (making four copies), each copy would share in about one-quarter of the search value, placing the search ranking of each copy much lower in the index than a single good post. In the end, our experience with that system is that your expensive press release disappears. These very poor website rankings make it impossible for you to find any evidence of your press release in the world wide web.

We bypass this system and have access to post it directly into recognized news operations.

We only publish your original content in one place on– Communal News– and will be picked up by Google News and placed highly by the major search engines. Your release is then distributed across social media platforms. The result is a much higher ranking and your release gets seen and read.

Increase your press release visibility and get your message out there!