Freelance Global Gig Introduction (FGG)

We are bringing a new idea to an old industry! We have established Communal News, a rapidly growing, robust newspaper/open news service platform. CN provides leading news and market research that will be part of the very robust visitor traffic to our new gig platform, employing aggressive digital marketing to help explode the growth of our new freelance service.

FGG will provide a constant flow of buyers! Our freelance gig service is integrated into Communal News, a news, market research and blog site that is closing in on 1.6 million visitors per year. In the last 3 months we added a whopping 300% increase in visitors.  We are already witnessing robust growth in traffic at our FGG site, even before publicly launching our services. This growth in visitors is far faster at this stage than our very successful news website.  In time Freelance Global Gigs Marketplace will be fully embedded with Communal News, offering a better, more open and authentic services for our business viewers.

At Freelance Global Gigs Low Cost Marketplace we believe we charge the lowest fee of any gig platform that provides a high level of complete services– only 14%.  Most competitive services charge 20%. Our very open, low-cost service allows you to pocket a savings of possibly over 40%– that’s money that a small business person (like you) might really enjoy.

Freelance Global Gigs Marketplace provides a full and open news service, partnering with both Google News & Facebook News and throughout Global World in over 100 languages. We hope in time, with our strong news and marketing, we will provide the most transactions per gig provider. If over time we can achieve our aggressive goal of maintaining the lowest total cost per transaction and most transactions per provider, our communal gig providers should become the most profitable on the internet.  Now that’s a good goal!

Signing up today! It takes about the same amount of time as creating a Craigslist add. Who knows, in time we might significantly increase your living standard. So blockchain buyers and marketers…this is a new and growing opportunity for you (and us). Hopefully we can both succeed together (communally!)– at a lower cost and with higher levels of online service.

I looks like Freelance Global Gigs Marketplace will be very successful, this gig post is receiving over 500 hits a week, a very good number that should explode once we are fully open.

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